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March 7, 2012

Samsung targets iPad/iPhone again, this time in Korea

While Apple is looking to launch its much anticipated iPad 3 today, Samsung is playing the role of the spoisport by launching a new lawsuit in South Korea claiming that iPad 2/iPhone 4S infringers on three of its patents. It can be expected that after iPad 3 is launched, Samsung will add it to the list.

What do the latest lawsuit cover
According to a Reuters news article, the three patents involves methods of displaying data, the user interface, and short text messages.

Interestingly, while all the patents are important for the devices, none of them related to standards essential patents. But this also means, that Apple may be able to work around them, if necessary, though the user interface might suffer.

Finally...Korea in the fray!
So far, while Samsung has filed various cases against Apple in countries including Japan, Germany, UK, Netherlands,  France, Italy, Austrlia and the US, it hadn't been very agressive in Korea and had dropped a suit in November against Apple.

But Samsung, is currently under immense pressure, and has not made any head away against Apple. This might have forced them to seek some confort in their home market, even if it gives them negative publicity.

According to Foss Patents, Samsung cotribute 10% directly to Korea GDP and maybe as much as 20% indirectly, and hence will have huge influence. It has also been rumoured that when a German court banned sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Korean ambassador contacted the German governemnt and expressed concern.

We will update when we have more news.

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